Digital and 16mm, HD | Stereo
16:9 | colour | 4’46” | 2019
Ontogeny is a an experimental nature film and a visual meditation on the floral form. Both ephemeral commodity and reproductive automata, flowers can be looked at on a multitude of levels. In-camera techniques, water and light are deployed here to manipulate the representation of these vegetal structures, portraying them as part of a biological conversation of colour and shapes. These diffractions are juxtaposed to flashes of 16mm footage looking at flowers as beautiful, if mundane, everyday ornaments, questioning tensions that exist in our depiction of the organic.

A FILM BY Federico Barni | John Alexander Lowe DIRECTION | EDIT Federico Barni COLOUR GRADE | CAMERA | PRODUCTION John Alexander Lower SOUND Lars Koens

Sonica 2019, @ Cryptic, Glasgow
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