Digital | Stereo
16:9 I colour | 5’00” | 2021

Algear is a speculative outdoors film based on a project by Randa Kherba and directed by Federico Barni, envisioning a bio-alternative to constructing outdoor gear. This project harnesses the organic growth assembly of cyanobacteria, a blue-green algae which is among the oldest known phototropic organisms. Their photosynthetic abilities and adaptiveness to stressful conditions offer potential for a material that can endure shifting and changing climates. Their simple cell structure allows the species to grow at a fast rate, making them almost infinitely renewable. Algear embraces a leave-no-trace code, through growing a material that naturally biodegrades and nourishes the land in the process, allowing for the conservation of the environment in our transient outdoors experiences.

A PROJECT BY Randa Kherba FILM DIRECTED BY Federico Barni CINEMATOGRAPHY Ailsa Aikoa FEATURING Jordan Alexandra 3D RENDER Toby Evans | Zome Work MUSIC Akira Woodgrain COLOUR GRADING John Alexander Lowe MICROSCOPY Federico Barni | Randa Kherba